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Maternal Roots was created with the vision that modern mothers should be encouraged to use their innate motherly instincts to birth and nurture.  We share ancient wisdom and holistic practices that support families along their life giving journeys.





Lactation Consultant & Doula

 Maternal Roots Atlanta was founded in 2012 by Yolanda *Shiphrah* Kadima, IBCLC, a
certified lactation consultant (IBLCE), Trained Doula (ICTC) and Certified Women’s
Herbal Practitioner. Yolanda’s passion and dedication to providing professional support
to families with a personable flair has helped Maternal Roots Atlanta become one of
the preferred providers for Maternal Support services in the Metro Atlanta, GA area.
Yolanda, or Shiphrah as her community refers to her, knew from a young age that she wanted a large family and has always enjoyed caring for young children. She is currently enjoying her 4 children who have well grown out of the “young child” phase, but hopes to be blessed with a few more little ones some day.

As a lactation consultant and doula, Yolanda offers skilled services, companionship,
and sensitive support for families seeking assistance during these new life transitions.
If you need help adjusting to the new belly or baby in your life, call on Maternal Roots
Atlanta for the caring support you need.


Client Reviews

I was looking for a lactation consultant before the birth of my daughter. Since I was having a home birth, I wouldn’t have access to one like they have in the hospital. My insurance referred me to Loving Hands, and I am so glad they did!
I have had 3 visits with Yolanda so far. Yolanda is so encouraging and supportive. Her presence is one of strength and positivity. At the first visit, my baby was not latching well, especially on one side. Yolanda gave me so many helpful tips to get her latching, and she cheered for me and my baby in subsequent visits as our breastfeeding relationship continued to improve.
Yolanda is very patient and kind, and is invested in helping each new mother establish good breastfeeding. You can tell she is passionate about her work and truly loves what she does.
She has been a tremendous blessing to me and my family. I cannot recommend her enough. I feel that in 3 visits, she has become my friend and a wonderful ally in the world of motherhood.
— Jessica C.
Yolanda was our guru for birthing (as our doula) and nursing (as our lactation consultant). She is amazing, and I’ve not met anyone that has anything negative to say about their experience with her. I’ve recommended her to several friends. She’s an angel!
— G. Warren
Phenomenal! Knows her stuff and makes you feel comfortable like an old friend. Well worth the money. Plus she comes with goodies and is easily accessible.
— I. West
"Yolanda worked her magic on my entire experience from pre-labor until I saw his beautiful face for the first time. I was terrified of childbirth and she comforted me in ways that no one else managed and I'm forever grateful for that! On the day of my birth, she was timely and the way she connected with me was exactly what I needed: intimate, soothing and extremely nurturing!! Thanx a million Yolanda!!!                                        - M. Davis
 "Where do I start?? I was preparing to e a 2nd time mom and was troubled by what my birth experience would be like, determined for it to not end up like the 1st one I started searching for a doula. My 1st pregnancy/delivery was in a traditional hospital setting but I had a birth plan that was very unsupported by the on call doctor. I spent most of my delivery trying to justify my choices versus focusing on the moment. When I met Yolanda I knew instantly she was my Doula! She encouraged me to "shop around" and meet a few other doulas but I didn't. Yolanda checked in with me in-person/via phone and text throughout my pregnancy. Not only was she fully vested in my health and mental well-being but in my entire family's. The day of the delivery Yolanda showed up with her calm energy and immediately set up my space. She was well prepared and super thoughtful. Her intuition is spot on. She knew when to be the quiet calm I needed and when to pass on her loving suggestions and she also knew when I needed a moment to myself. I was concerned that my husband would feel excluded from the experience with having a doula present but that was not the case. He was extremely relieved that she was there. The amount of knowledge and experience that Yolanda has in so many other areas was truly amazing. Her passion for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and children's health shines through so genuinely.                                                Yolanda, the postpartum care that you provided me and working with me throughout my breastfeeding troubles during that first month were critical to me making it past my 6-month goal of exclusively breastfeeding. I am forever grateful for you!!                     - Mimi L.                                                                                                                                                                            

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