Maternal Roots Atlanta

Breastfeeding Services

Maternal Roots Atlanta provides lactation consults to families in the Metro Atlanta area.

Your little bundle of joy has finally arrived and you couldn’t be happier! Everything seems to be going so well – except you could use a little breastfeeding help.

Timely and immediate lactation support is just a phone call away: 404-692-3655

Asking for breastfeeding support can be difficult for new mothers. If you’ve found yourself struggling to feed your newborn, you might think that you’re the only one who can’t master breastfeeding. However, it’s important to realize that you’re not alone. There’s a world of breastfeeding support out there for families…dont continue to struggle alone.

At the heart of Yolanda’s practice is the belief that breastfeeding is both normal and natural; however, its not always easy and sometimes assistance is needed to overcome nursing obstacles. Receiving help early on can keep small breastfeeding issues from becoming overwhelming. Call for your consult today!

Common issues/concerns include: breastfeeding multiples, breastfeeding premature infants, low weight gain for infant, jaundice, low milk supply, overabundant milk supply, breastfeeding exhaustion, plugged milk ducts, thrush, sore nipples, nipple trauma (cracked nipples), issues latching, weaning, returning to work, starting solids, pumping milk, etc.

At Maternal Roots Atlanta, certified lactation consultant Yolanda *Shiphrah* Kadima, IBCLC provides sensitive breastfeeding help to new families and experienced families. Discover a rewarding breastfeeding experience using Maternal Roots Atlanta.

If your little one hasnt made it earthside as of yet, you can utilize the experienced and professional lactation services through our prenatal lactation consults tailored to you to help you prepare for breastfeeding and through our monthly breastfeeding classes.

Maternal Roots also gives back to the community by providing free meet up groups for breastfeeding families.


What to expect during a breastfeeding consult:

*  A warm and compassionate visit that is completely tailored to your familys needs and goals

*  Questions about your family health history, birth and breastfeeding experience

*  An examination of your babys oral anatomy

*  An examination of the breasts (if needed)

*  Breastfeeding Education

*  Education on Milk Expression/Pumping

*  Assistance with latching and positioning

*  Address information regarding lactation supplements

*  Address information regarding infant feeding supplements

*  And Identify issues that need medical referrals

*  In-home and In-office consults available